Everything under control: thanks to project management.

To ensure that everything proceeds smoothly, at elativum you will receive your own project manager. That way, you have a permanent contact person who will attend to every step of your translation project. Your project manager will choose the right translator and editor for you, coordinate your project, and carefully review the final version of your translation.

Our professional translators: a feeling for the nuances, the niceties.

elativum has a network of ca. 150 professional translators worldwide. All our linguists are native speakers of the target language and experts in their respective fields. Of course, we don’t merely translate your documents word for word. Our translation professionals have a feeling for the niceties, the nuances, and the tone of the original, so that our translations remain true to the document you sent us for translation.

Our bread and butter: certified translations.

elativum offers you certified translations—in any language. To ensure a perfect, professional result, we cooperate with translators sworn and certified by the German court system. Because certified translations bear a stamp, a signature, and a statement of certification from the translator, these translations are sent to you exclusively by surface mail. As needed, we can also have your document personally delivered to your office. If you can’t wait for a certified translation by mail, we will also be glad to send it as a scan in advance.

To the point, exactly to the point: professional review and elativum.

As one of the leading translation agencies, we make perfection our top priority. That is the only way that we can be certain that you, as our client, are completely satisfied. Our tried-and-true “three heads/six eyes principle” guarantees that our translations are reviewed and edited with the extensive attention to detail that you expect from us.

Mirror, mirror…: our DTP services.

Regardless of the language involved: our DTP experts will customize the layout so that text expansions and contractions will be handled as if they were child’s play. Our standard: an optical translation that not only has all the important linguistic nuances, but also reads as though it were set in the target language itself.

We’ve got that for you: our interpreters in action.

Interpreters have to find the right words in the target language as soon as they are spoken in the source language at court hearings, meetings, conferences, or conventions. We work only with the most highly qualified professionals, who are distinguished by their excellent linguistic abilities and high levels of social competence. Regardless of whether consecutive or simultaneous interpreting is needed, elativum selects the appropriate interpreter for your needs. And upon request, we will provide interpreting equipment at the event site and will handle any on-site coordination for you.

For projects large and small: our transcription services.

Whether court transcripts, corporate minutes, or medical protocols, and regardless of whether your text is stored on audio cassette/recording media or DVD: elativum offers world-class transcription services—flexible and simple, and naturally with the customary elativum quality.